New! SummerSki in Sälen

Now you have the opportunity to ski in Sälen all year round. SummerSki in Sälen is an approx. 7000-m2 pliable surface of artificial grass that mimics the feeling of skiing on snow.

  • Opens summer 2023.
  • Located on Valleberget in Lindvallen, the Anna slope (11), and the Kråkan lifts (and Ugglan lifts if required) will be in operation.
  • The artificial grass consists of biologically produced plastic from sugar cane, and the plastic mats are produced in Sweden.
  • Wear the same equipment as in winter - a helmet, as well as normal boots and skis/snowboards.
  • Just like in winter, you buy a SkiPass and go through pass readers to get to the lift.
  • Equipment is available for hire in the SkiStarshop near the slope.


Ski school all year round

With ski school all year round, you can hone your skiing technique and become a better skier, even in the summer. We offer everything from regular group ski school to tailor-made private lessons for all ages and levels. All skiers between the ages of 4-9 will be able to participate in Valle's summer ski school where we will learn to turn, brake, and ride lifts while meeting new friends.

Please note that skiers aged 7 and over will need a valid SummerSkiPass to attend the ski school. Read more about Summer Ski School in Sälen »

Railpark by Jesper Tjäder

The area also has a Railpark by Jesper Tjäder, packed with fun things such as rails and boxes.