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Ski school and ski lessons

We’re offering a ski school for the new SummerSki in Sälen and Hammarbybacken. In the summer of 2023, you can choose between both group and private lessons.

Ski school - always cheapest online

It’s always cheapest to book a ski school online, which means that you pre-book to secure your place at the ski school, saving both time and money. Pre-booking your ski school is quick and easy at skistar.com and, of course, you can cancel your pre-booked ski school up to the day before your first day of attendance.

Valle’s ski school in summer

Starting in summer 2023, all skiers between the ages of 4 and 9 will be able to learn to ski alongside Valle's snowman and Valle's best friends, the ski instructors. Just like Valle’s ski school in winter, children learn to be safe and secure skiers in a fun and educational way. At Valle’s ski school, children learn to turn, brake and ride lifts while meeting new friends.

ski school in Sälen and Hammarbybacken

As a ski school, we aim to create a life-long interest in skiing. That's why the love of skiing is the foundation of how we teach. 

We offer everything from a classical group ski school to tailor-made private lessons for all ages and levels. Please note that anyone aged 7 years and older will need a valid SummerSkiPass to attend the ski school.

Summer in Sälen

Activities at Hammarbybacken