The fifth season

What time of year is your favourite? Springwinter, of course! The winter temperature during the night provides cold and hard snow to ski on during the sunny, long spring days.

For all skiers, “winter” is the obvious answer to what their favourite time of year is. But, at the same time you like the spring, because of its lighting and new found energy. In the mountains, spring and winter combined make out a wonderful symbiosis, also known as the fifth season.

The cold temperatures at night keeps the snow cold throughout the day, but you can still sun bath your face in the warm sun. A late March or April visit to one of SkiStars ski resorts will give you enough strength to last you the rest of the year.

The time of year is unique, with conditions you wouldn’t find any other place in the mountain. Tall heights and mountains are mandatory in order to access snow and moderate warm temperatures at the same time. If you take Åre as an example, it’s normal with frost at night and several plus degrees during the day (

Make sure you don’t forget your sunscreen and a pair of suitable sunglasses. The spring sun combined with the snow’s reflection can be very intense. 

A huge advantage with the spring winter is that the days are longer and it’s brighter during the evenings. Why not take a few days’ holiday during the incredible fifth season in the mountains.