Great new summer attractions with Sports & Adventures

A lot of effort is being put into new activities to offer an active mountain holiday in Sälen, Åre and Trysil throughout the summer. More cycling in the form of new trails and tracks, climbing parks and adventure golf are some of the new attractions.

Climbing parks

A couple of new climbing parks will be open in the tree tops in Sälen and Åre. The parks with high-level walkways and ziplines combine climbing, play and adventure – guaranteed to provide spectacular views and the flutter of butterflies in your tummy.

New cycling

Several new trails for trail cycling

We're taking cycling to the next level in Sälen and Åre, with several new trails in Lindvallen and Björnen. Anyone can bike on our specially built trails – the surface is flat and ascends in switchbacks to avoid too much strain.

Pump tracks in Sälen and Trysil

Sälen is getting a new approx. 700 square metre pump track – a short loop built with jumps and bends, shaped in a way that helps you generate speed and propel yourself forwards by "pumping" your body up and down, instead of pedalling. They are an easy technical exercise for cyclists of all sizes.

The existing pump track in Trysil has been so popular that we're now building a new one, expected to be the biggest in Norway at 2,600 square metres. The track features unique design, with several different difficulty levels to suit everyone. The track offers blue, red and black difficulty levels, with elements such as a suspended timber wall.

Teen Camp – Bike in Trysil

Teen Camp – Bike has previously been launched as something new for youngsters in Sälen and Åre, and we are now proud to announce that Teen Camp – Bike will now also be arranged in Trysil. 

Teen Camp - Bike makes mountain holidays a bit more tempting for older children. Children ages 8-15 years can meet new friends and at the same time challenge themselves and try out mountain biking in an unpretentious way. Under the guidance of our talented guides, children get to experience the thrill of different types of cycling in the mountain environment.

Joy of movement and community are the watchwords, with lots of challenges in trail, pump track and XC cycling.

More new activities

Padel courts

Padel is always a fun activity regardless of the level or age of the players and of course you can play it in the mountains as well! Two new double Padel courts with views over the mountain are being built in Sälen, Lindvallen.

Adventure golf

A brand-new 9-hole adventure golf course is being built outside the SkiStar Lodge Experium in Lindvallen, which is a SkiStar Sälen in miniature. There are also courses such as Trollskogen, Experium, Väggen, Fun Ride, Valle and Slalombanan.