Child accident insurance

Your child is always insured at ski and cycle school, childcare and camps organised by SkiStar.

Together with the insurance company Europeiska ERV, we offer a child accident insurance policy that covers your child at ski and cycle school, in childcare or at camps such as Teen Camp - Bike and Valle Kids Club.

You don't have to choose any options or do anything at all – the insurance is automatically included when you book.

Examples of what the insurance covers:

Medical costs - If your child has an accident such as breaking their leg, the insurance covers the costs for medical care, medication and any potential treatment.

Dental injury costs - If an accident happens and your child damages their teeth the insurance covers necessary and reasonable dental costs.

Additional costs - If you and your child have to extend your stay at the resort due to an accident, the insurance covers additional costs of e.g. food, lodging and return home.

In case of disability and death - The insurance also includes medical disability and funeral assistance in the event of death.

In case of injury - In addition to medical certificates and other documents, certificates from the ski school must also be attached to the claim.

PLEASE NOTE! The insurance does not cover missed activities such as ski school, equipment rental and SkiPass. To obtain compensation for these products, you must take out ERV’s skier insurance.

Other information

Insurance terms and conditions (PDF)

The insurance covers children and young people up to and including the age of 17 who are enrolled in SkiStar's ski or cycle school or who are taking part in camps organised by SkiStar, such as Teen Camp - Bike and Valle Kids Club. The insurance also covers children between 6 months and 9 years old who are enrolled and take part in childcare run by SkiStar.

Making a claim

If your child has had an accident during ski school or while in childcare, please do as follows:

  • Fill in the claim form (Claim Form (PDF)
  • Print and sign the form
  • E-mail or submit the form to: or send them to: European ERV, Box 1, 172 13 Sundbyberg
  • Attach certificates from the ski instructor or similar
  • Attach original receipts of your expenses 

About Europeiska ERV - European ERV is the insurance company that has been providing security when travelling for almost 100 years. This has made them experts on travel safety and one of the largest actors on the Swedish travel insurance market. Each year they insure over 1.2 million pleasure and business travellers. In addition, they also offer different group solutions for bank and credit cards as well as special insurance for watches and jewellery.
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