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Travel by train to Vemdalen this summer

This summer, go green and travel in comfort on the Snälltåget to Vemdalen.

Travel by train 

You can easily get to Vemdalen by train this summer. 
Choose one of our summer lodgings and travel there easily and comfortably on the Snälltåget. 

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Summer lodgings

Vemdalen has several summer lodgings located close to beautiful scenery, cycling, hiking and our exciting new climbing park on Vemdalsskalet. Why not stay at the charming Hovde Hotel, a real, traditional mountain hotel in the middle of Skalet’s square?


BIKing in Vemdalen

At the Skalet Express/Skalet’s main square, you will find two trails that are easy to get to via the Skalet Express. The trails have different difficulty levels (green/blue) but both trails are suitable for the whole family. You need a BikePass for the lift up to cycle the trails.

A good tip is to rent a bike if you don’t want to bring your own bike on the train. Remember to pre-book online in advance. 

Read more about biking in Vemdalen >>

Summer activities in Vemdalen