Climbing Park in Vemdalen

Bring your friends or family to Vemdalsskalet for a fun adventure among the tree tops. The climbing park offers a combination of high-rope courses, ziplines, play and adventure.

Discover Vemdalen's climbing park

  • 5 different courses with varying difficulty levels.
    • Orange is the easiest course, followed by green and blue.
    • The climbing park has 1 orange, 2 green and 2 blue courses. 
  • Plenty of different challenges, all located in and between the trees, including monkey bars, vines and bridges. Park heights vary, with a maximum of 8 metres above the ground. 
  • 2 ziplines
  • A climbing park session lasts 2 hours.
  • Minimum age limit: 3
  • Participants must be:
    • At least 80 cm tall (always accompanied by an adult) to climb the orange courses
    • At least 110 cm tall to climb the green courses.
    • At least 140 cm tall to climb the blue courses.

Want to book the climbing park as a group/company? E-mail

Take the lift to the climbing park

The park is right next to the Skalet Express summit station, bringing you quickly and easily up there on the lift, with the price included when booking the climbing park.

Safety conditions for the climbing park »

In case of hard wind and thunderstorms

In the event of strong winds and thunderstorms, the climbing park may need to close. If we need to cancel your booked climbing time before the specified starting time, we will contact you via text and the full amount will be refunded for the activity booked. 

We are not able to decide on the day before whether the climbing park will be open or not, but as soon as we find out whether the climbing park will need to be closed during your booked time, we will contact you via text.

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