27 Oct - 4 Nov 2023

Autumn holiday in Vemdalen

The autumn holidays in Vemdalen/Klövsjö are packed with activities for both adults and children!

Book lodging during the autumn holidays

The beautiful colours and crisp mountain air make autumn in Vemdalen a special experience. The autumn holidays are full of activities for both adults and children. With previous events such as the Halloween mystery, the Vemdalen Challenge, the Fjälläventyret, rock climbing, and fishing competitions, we can guarantee that this year's autumn holdiay programme will not leave anyone idle.

Lodge & Lya

Are you a fan of interiors, crafts, machinery and construction? The popular home and leisure fair Lodge & Lya will run again this year on 3-4 November. Come and get plenty of ideas for leisure, your home, or mountain cabin.

We'll fill the large exhibition hall, the outdoor square and the food square with exhibitors and, as usual, entry to all areas are free.

Climbing Park in Vemdalen

Bring your friends or family to Vemdalsskalet for a fun adventure among the tree tops. The climbing park offers a combination of high-rope courses, ziplines, play and adventure.

Climbing Park in Vemdalen


Cycle your way towards the best summer mountain experiences in Vemdalen. You’ll find everything from winding trails to gravel roads just waiting to be explored.