SkiStar AB safety conditions climber park 2021:05

Safety conditions for our climbing parks in Åre, Sälen, Vemdalen, Hammarbybacken, Trysil and Hemsedal.

SkiStar AB reg. no. 556093-6949, 780 91 Sälen, VAT no. SE556093694901, Tel.: 0280-880 50, e-mail: (”SkiStar”) safety conditions apply between SkiStar and the person who himself or herself, or through another, enters into an agreement with SkiStar (”guest”) when buying an entrance to the climbing park.

Guests at SkiStar's climbing parks must accept that you have read the safety conditions in the park before completing your activity. As a booker for other guests using the same booking number, you must make sure that these guests have read and approved the applicable safety conditions and that you have permission to provide the information required to complete the booking. For information on how we process personal data, read our privacy policy.


General rules

  • Sälen, Trysil and Hemsedal - You must be at least 80 cm tall.
  • Åre - You must be at least 120 cm tall.
  •  You must not weigh more than 120 kg.
  • You may not be pregnant, have heart or neck/back problems.
  • You may not be influenced by alcohol or other drugs.
  • A person under the age of 18 must be in the parent's company or have the parent's consent to participate.
  • You are fully responsible for ensuring that you/your minor comply with SkiStar’s safety rules and thus perform the activity safely.


Before the activity

  • You must have approved SkiStar's safety rules.
  • You must have undergone an instructor-led safety review before you can start climbing.
  • You must put up long hair and remove any scarf.
  • You must wear soft clothes and put away loose objects. SkiStar is not responsible for any damage to clothes, personal belongings or theft/misplaced property.


During the activity

  • The harness must be attached at all times.
  • If the harness has been removed or loosened, it must always be checked by the park staff before you are allowed to return to the course.
  • You must always be secured on the course. Follow the instructions given in the Safety Guide.
  • At the climbing park in Åre, only one person is allowed on one obstacle at a time. At our other destinations climbing parks, two people are allowed on one obstacle at a time (with the exception of ziplines and rolling games)
  • Three people may visit one platform at the same time.
  • When you head out onto the cable car, make sure that there is no other person in front of you on the course.


The guest is aware that SkiStar cannot be held responsible for the consequences if the conditions are not followed. The guest also understands that the guest, or another participant during the guest's booking, can at any time be rejected from SkiStar's climbing park, without refund of the entrance ticket, if the conditions are not followed.