Trail biking in Gullia

Gullia offers 30+ km of fun trails, tougher trails and flow trails of varying difficulty levels.

The trails are graded in the same way as the ski slopes - from easy green and blue trails to more advanced red and black trails. Here, the whole family and both beginners and experienced cyclists alike will find fun trails with great flow. Gullia also has several impressive wooden bridges, custom-built cycling elements, as well as tables and benches where you can take a well-deserved break.

The area is located by the Tourist Centre and a visit to Gullia is a must for those visiting Trysil during spring, summer and autumn.

Bike trails in Gullia

Green Fox (green)

Green Fox is a natural starting point in Gullia. The trail is about 1.1 km long, easy and fun for young and old alike, and a good place to practice your cycling technique before heading out on the blue trails.

Happy Rabbit (green)

Once you’ve cycled the Happy Rabbit, you’ll understand how it got its name - here you will find a batch of 49 jumps that will make you jump for joy. This is an easy to cycle trail for beginners, but it also offers some challenges for advanced cyclists, such as double jumping.

Lucky Ducky (green)

Lucky Ducky is 600 m long and the perfect place to start your cycling experience in Trysil. The trail is easy and pleasant for beginners of all ages.

Shorty (green)

With its 500 metres, Shorty is an easy trail that connects Happy Rabbit, Lucky Ducky, Twin Peaks and the restaurant Pause by the golf course.

Tractor Hill (blue)

Not all trails can go downhill - some also have to take you back up to the summit. But just because this trail goes 700 metres uphill, doesn't mean it can't offer a fantastic cycling experience. Enjoy the beautiful forest and the trail that winds between rocks and around trees all the way to the top.

Blueberry Swing (blue)

Blueberry Swing is about 1.2 km long and is a lovely trail to take to reach the slightly more advanced trails further into Gullia.

King Lizard (blue)

King Lizard sneaks through Trysil's glorious landscape at a fun, relaxed pace.. The trail is about 1.2 km long and offers lovely turns and elevated wooden bends.

Papa Bear (blue)

Papa Bear has become a favourite for many in Gullia. It is built so that the more advanced cyclists can jump the jumps while the beginners can roll over.  

Sweet Dreams (blue)

Sweet Dreams is the definition of a flow trail - playful and fun for both experienced cyclists and those wanting a step up from green trails. About 1 km downhill, which with its elevated bends is a mini version of the lift-access trail Magic Moose.

Rock ́n ́roll (blue)

A bit of a hidden gem, but you'll find it in the middle of Gullia. The trail starts with a share reminiscent of a elevated trail and the challenges you can encounter there and ends with delicious, dosed bends.


Woodstock is a short trail of 100 metres that takes off from Rock ́n ́Roll. The trail is built on both sides of a narrow valley - here it’s gravity that takes you both up and down.

Zippy (blue)

Zippy is a varied blue trail of 900 metres with jumps and elevated bends.

Rookie (blue)

Even though the 2-km Rookie goes uphill in Gullia, you don't have to worry about it being heavy-going. With plenty of variations and alternative routes, you'll be back up in no time. The trail also passes through the 300-metre ravine in Sherwood Forest...

Sherwood Forest

This kilometre-long wooden bridge features some spectacular and incredibly Instagram-friendly spots. But even if the forest and the lights in the area are wonderful, we recommend that you concentrate on staying on the trail.

Woodpecker (blue)

Woodpecker takes you all the way into Gullia. This blue and more advanced bike trail features some wonderful jumps, long wooden bridges and awesome flow.

Twin Peaks (red)

Twin Peaks is similar to a parallel slalom course, where two cyclists can ride in parallel down a 500-metre long trail with several spectacular features. Here you can challenge friends and family to see who is the fastest.

French Moustache (red)

Wallrides, jumps, wooden elements and high speed spiced up with technical sections. This trail puts your skills to the test and is named after the Instagram-friendly jump that is shaped like, yes, a French moustache.

Red Mist (red)

Not all trails in Gullia are super easy and have good flow - on Red Mist you can challenge your skills on rocks and roots, both up and down, which is technically demanding but a lot of fun. The trail is about 1 km long.

Redneck (red)

The Redneck is simply a fun bike trail for experts. The trail is 700 metres long. It is narrow and packed with jumps and challenges. 

Rodeo (red)

Rodeo is a flow trail with big jumps, turns and superb flow. The trail starts with a ramp and a whale’s tail, and at the end of the trail you come out at Missing Link. 

Missing Link (blue)

Missing Link is a 1.1-km long trail that connects the network of trails further south in Gullia. Pumped up on adrenaline from cycling e.g. Redneck and Huckleberry, this trail becomes child's play, but that doesn't mean it's dull. Good flow and fun slopes keep the adrenaline high going.

Huckleberry (black)

This is one of Trysil's most difficult and technically demanding trails. If you can’t cross the first drop, don’t cycle here. There are no so-called “chicken lines” (where you can ride a nicer route alongside advanced elements); this is a bike trail for experts. The trail is 660 metres long and features big jumps, drops, steep sections and winding bends.

Cowboy (red)

Have you already cycled Redneck, Romeo or Huckleberry and want more? Cowboy, which is about 500 metres long, is your fastest way back to the summit.

Miss Piggy

Further into Gullia you'll find the signature “pig’s tail” biking trail, a large and long spiral-shaped wooden bridge. There are several large and fun wooden elements on Miss Piggy, including our biggest wallride yet. This trail is for those with competent technical skills.

B-RAGE (double black)

Cycling in Trysil should be for everyone, even for the most advanced cyclists, which is why we have B-RAGE, a double black trail in Gullia, which has no less than 20 big jumps, drops and sturdy wooden elements. This is a trail for experts with extensive experience and exceptional cycling skills. B-RAGE requires full safety equipment and an enduro bike, and because this trail is so advanced, special rules apply here. Read more about B-RAGE here »

For your safety, bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling areas.

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