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The Fjellrunden is a biking and hiking trail that goes right around Trysilfjellet.

The Fjellrunden, or mountain circular, biking and hiking trail is 13 km long. Two good starting points for the trail are Skihytta and Høyfjellssenteret.

The terrain is varied, with everything from gravel roads to boardwalks and bridges. From Høyfjellssenteret, via Grønskaret to Skihytta, the trail passes along a new gravel road with a wide boardwalk over the bog. Parts of the Fjellrunden are wheelchair accessible and there is disabled parking at the R1 cabin area. From Skihytta, via the skiing facilities to Fjellroa there are some sections that involve a steep climb.

An alternate route, 134b, heads past Trysilfjellet's southern cabin area and Knettsetra, which boasts refreshments in the summer.

Parts of the Fjellrunden are categorised as red, which means that, if you intend to do the whole trail, you will have to overcome some steeper climbs.

Length: 13 km
Total ascent: 358 m
Highest point: 927 m above sea level

Bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling arenas.