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Lift up, bike down

Several flow trails run from the summit of the Fjellekspressen down to the Tourist Centre, comprising 17+ kilometres of lift accessed trail biking to enjoy.

Lift accessed trail biking in Trysil

The bike trails consist mainly of excavated trails that run through forests and nature. The trails feature varying difficulty levels (blue/red) with elements of jumps, drops and berms. The trails are designed to allow you to switch between cycling blue and red trails as you wish. The descent includes several stops, so-called Trail Hubs, where you can take a break or let other cyclists pass.

Cycling trails

Magic Moose (blue)

Magic Moose is a flow trail from the summit of Fjellekspressen to Knettsetra and then down to the Tourist Information Centre. The trail is a total of 7 kilometres long and is one of the longest of its kind in Europe. Magic Moose is a combination of berms, fun hills and elements made of wood. The trail is graded as blue, which means it’s not recommended for complete beginners. We recommend that beginner cyclists try trail biking in Gullia before riding Magic Moose.

Rolling Stones (red)

At Knettsetra, the red trail begins with the Rolling Stones, which runs parallel to Magic Moose. The trail is about 400 metres long and offers a little more action with technical jumps and speed.

Jackhammer (red and black jump line)

Jackhammer is located in the middle of the mountain, between the lift accessed trails. This is the trail for those who like big jumps. The trail also features several wooden elements to make the jumps even more thrilling and challenging, if you so wish. This is where many cyclists choose to spend a significant chunk of time, and you can keep cycling back up to the side of the jump to try again - and again. Those not keen on jumps can easily cycle past this area and continue on the trails down to the Tourist Centre.

Flowstar (blue)

FlowStar is a 1.9 km blue trail that runs from the summit of the Fjellekspressen lift down to the jumps of Jackhammer. The trail is wide and super smooth with a bunch of berms, jumps and bridges. Go slow or ride flat out - the choice is yours. The trail is suitable for anyone who can master blue trails, but we recommend that anyone new to lift accessed cycling try trail biking in Gullia first. If you think the blue trail has become too easy, try the red trail at Timber Town or continue on the blue Gold Rush and Starline trails.

Gold Rush (blue)

Gold Rush is a 1.3 km-long trail that starts after Jackhammer's jumps. This is a fast and fun flow trail with several jumps of varying sizes and other fun elements. You can also roll over the jumps, but remember to slow down in your approach. 

Starline (blue)

Starline is the last blue trail before you reach Turistsenteret and you can then take the lift back up. This trail is 400 metres long and enters the forest, with playful wooden elements and berms along the way. 

Twister (red)

Twister is a 1.7 km-flow trail that runs from the top of the Fjellekspressen lift down to the Jackhammer jumps. The trail offers an unbeatable combination of action and plenty of flow. Along the way, there are several Trail Hubs where you can take a break. You can also select the blue trail from here if you feel that the red one is a little too tough. Twister begins with a high-speed section before you get to enjoy amazing super elevations, jumps and fast bends. This trail will make you want more.

Timber Town (red)

Timber Town is an 800-metre flow trail that enters the forest from Jackhammer. The trail is a mix of excavated and machine-built technical flow trails, with cool elements, plenty of variation and fast turns - great fun, but technically demanding.

Down Town (red)

Down Town is 400 metres long and is the last red trail before you get down to Turistsenteret and can take the lift back up. Here you can really gasp on with big, banked bends and awesome elements such as a whale tail, wall ride and jumps.

Skåne Roost (black)

Skåne Roost is a 1.7-km black trail that runs over the summit of Vesleknetten and down to the caravan carpark. The trail is suitable for more advanced cyclists as it is steep, extremely technical and difficult - so be careful.

Sten (black)

Sten (swe. stone) is a 1.3-km trail that is rough and technically hand-built with LOTS of rocks. A torment for some, a joy for others... For obvious reasons, Sten is recommended for experienced cyclists. 

For your safety, bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling areas.

Important facts for lift access cycling (SLAO - PDF)