Family on a bike trail in the woods

Rules for the Trysil Bike Arena

To make sure everyone can have an enjoyable experience in and around Trysil Bike Arena, rules are in place that must be followed. These rules apply to pump tracks, bike parks and in Gullia, as well as the trails associated with lift accessed cycling.

If you have an accident and need help, call our trail patrol on: 992 80 084 (09:00-16:30). Outside these hours, you can call the emergency line on 116 117. For immediate help, call 113.

  • All cycling at your own risk
    Please be mindful of your skill level. Don't be overconfident, and choose bike trails with this in mind. If you see someone who has hurt themselves or needs help, stop and assist.
  • Show consideration for those around you
    Adjust your speed and slow down when passing cyclists or hikers. Make yourself known and make it clear that you want to pass. If you approach from behind, make sure to signal your presence. Be careful on crossing trails to avoid collisions.
  • Be prepared to stop
    Sometimes you might need to stop quickly and the surface could be slippery. Watch out and be vigilant so that you have enough time to stop if you need to stop urgently.
  • Don't be a jump scare for those who follows
    Dangerous situations can occur if you stop in turns, steep slopes and on hillsides. If you have to stop, it is imperative to move to a spot where people don’t have to swerve to avoid you.
  • Take care of our precious nature
    Don't leave rubbish behind - we must all do our bit to preserve this beautiful nature. This also applies to wildlife, which of course must be respected. We encourage everyone to fare mindfully and respectfully in the mountains.
  • As a cyclist, you are responsible for knowing the rules
    Follow the applicable signs and instructions for lift usage and cycling. Violations of the rules may result in your BikePass being confiscated.
  • Wearing a bike helmet is mandatory
    We also recommend protection for the back, knees and elbows, and gloves for the hands. If you do not have a suitable helmet, you must rent or borrow one.
  • Cycling under the influence of drugs is not permitted
    Impaired performance is often a consequence of the influence of alcohol and drug use. Your judgment is reduced and can cause dangerous situations for you and others on the mountain. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or substances will be told to leave.
  • Bike- / TrailPass is for your use only
    Your Bike- and TrailPass is for personal use only. If someone uses your pass, it will be confiscated, and if you use someone else's pass, that will be confiscated.
  • The cyclist has a responsibility
    As a cyclist, it is your responsibility to ensure that other people, other facilities and lifts are not damaged.

Rules of the slopes

Having great trails to cycle on is not a right, but a privilege. Follow the NOTS (Norwegian organisation for mountain biking) guidelines for trail use.

  1. Be considerate and pleasant when you come across hikers.
  2. You are always liable for pedestrians.
  3. Reduce your speed so that you do not endanger or harm others, especially along high-speed roads and trails, or in unpredictable areas.
  4. Slow down to walking speed in plenty of time before you pass others on a narrow trail.
  5. Do not create new trails. If you do not have the skills to tackle an obstacle, get off the bike.
  6. Avoid cycling on particularly vulnerable trails right after periods of heavy rainfall.
  7. Do not make the trail wider by cycling around puddles or obstacles.
  8. Carry your bike through mossy areas to avoid forming deep tracks.
  9. Do not lock the rear wheel on steep downhills.
  10. If two cyclists meet on a slope, the one cycling uphill has right of way.