Lift up, bike down

From the top of Fjellekspressen down to the Turistsenteret are several flow trails that together offer 16.3 km of downhill biking to enjoy.

Magic Moose

Magic Moose is a flow trail from the top of Fjellekspressen to Knettsetra and then down to the Turistsenteret. The trail opened in summer 2016, is 7.5 kilometres long and is one of the longest of its kind in Europe. Magic Moose is a combination of banked curves, challenging hills and sections made of wood. The trail is graded as blue, which means it’s not recommended for pure beginners. We recommend you try the bike trails in Gullia before you hit the Magic Moose.

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Twister is a 3.7 km long flow trail from the top of Fjellekspressen down to the Turistsenteret, which opened in the summer of 2022. The trail is graded red with an unbeatable combination of action and a lot of flow. Along the way there are several Trail Hubs where you can take a break. You can also select the blue trail from here if you feel that the red one has become a little too tough. Twister begins with a high-speed section before you get to enjoy amazing super elevations, jumps and fast bends. This trail is guaranteed to make you want more...!

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FlowStar is a 5.1 km blue trail that runs from the top of the Fjellekspressen lift, down to Johans väg and on to the Turistsenteret. The trail is a wide and super smooth trail with a bunch of banked turns, jumps and bridges. You can take it easy or flat out! The trail is suitable for anyone who has mastered blue level. On the way down there are several hubs, known as Trail Hubs, where you can take a break. If you think the blue trail has become too easy, join the red trail here. FlowStar is a brand new lift-based trail that offers great flow for everyone!

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Bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling arenas.

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