Cross-country skiing Sälen

In the entire area of Sälen, there are plenty of prepared cross-country skiing trails to choose from.

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Cross country Lindvallen
5 cross country trails
  • Experiumtorget 5,0 km
    5km • Closed
  • Experiumtorget 3,0 km
    3km • Closed
  • Experiumtorget 2,0 km
    2km • Closed
  • Experiumtorget 6 km
    6km • Closed
  • Experiumtorget 4,0 km
    4km • Closed
Cross country Högfjället
4 cross country trails
  • Högfjället 8 km
    8km • Closed
  • Högfjället 3 km
    3km • Closed
  • Högfjället 10 km
    10km • Closed
  • Högfjället 5 km
    5km • Closed
Cross country Tandådalen
3 cross country trails
  • Tandådalen elljus
    3km • Closed
  • Kalven runt
    11km • Closed
  • Tandådalen Pulsen
    3km • Closed
Cross country Hundfjället
2 cross country trails
  • Hundfjället elljus
    2km • Closed
  • Hundfjället 5 km
    5km • Closed

Cross-country skiing trail in Lindvallen/Högfjället

2 km (electric light)
3 km (electric light)
4 km
5 km
6 km                                                                

The trail starts from Vallaboden on the opposite side of the ICA Lindvallen at Experium Square (previously Snow Square). The trail goes through forest terrain and is slightly hilly. There is also a calefactory at Vallaboden.

3 km
5 km
8 km
10 km                                                                                            

Step on the trail at Högfjällshotellet or at designated parking at Gruven’s shieling. The trail is located on the same side of the road as Högfjällshotellet.

Cross-country skiing trail in Tandådalen/Hundfjället

3 km (electric light)
3 km (Pulse Trail)
11 km (Around Kalven)

The trail starts at the Trail Centre in central Tandådalen alternatively at Tandådalen East.

2 km (electric light)
5 km (Trollbäcks Trail)

The trail starts at the Trail Centre in Hundfjället at the connection lift to Tandådalen, alternatively the Trail Centre in Trollbäcken.

Under normal weather conditions, trails are prepared daily or when necessary. Preparation takes place usually in the evening or at night, in order for the trail to freeze by the next day. In severe weather, such as heavy wind and snowfall, Lindvallen’s 2 km electric light trail is prioritised, Hundfjället’s 3 km trail and Tandådalen’s 3 km electric light trail. Other trails are prepared as soon as possible, given the prevailing weather conditions.