SkiStar Cross-Country Arena

This winter, anyone wanting to enjoy cross-country skiing will be able to do so at our new SkiStar Cross-Country arenas in Åre, Vemdalen and Sälen.

What is a SkiStar Cross-Country Arena?

Our SkiStar cross-country arenas features both classic tracks and a skate bed, while parts of the tracks will be illuminated. In addition to the cross-country tracks there will be wax room and toilets. Tracks will be clearly marked, and a cross-country pass is required to access the arena.

Cross-country passes

A cross-country pass works the same way as our SkiPass, but gives you access to our SkiStar cross-country arenas. You can easily charge your Cross-CountryPass online or directly in the SkiStar app. The Cross-CountryPass is included in SkiStar All Year and SkiStar All Winter

Ski & Cross-country passes

Experience the full range of Åre, Vemdalen's and Sälen's skiing options with a Ski & Cross Country Pass. It gives you access to all lifts and SkiStar cross-country arenas. With our 6-8 days pass you can also ski for 8 days for the price of 6.