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For the adults

SkiStar Olympic Youth Camp is a day camp where participants must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the evenings and overnight. A responsible adult can, of course, be responsible for several participants. You can book the most suitable accommodation for your group and, while the youngsters are with us, you’ll have time to enjoy everything the mountain has to offer.


The SkiStar Olympic Youth Camp is the perfect choice for parents who’d like to send their children to a camp that's out of the ordinary. If you find it difficult to get time off, you can work during the day while we take care of your child.

Stay at the SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen, which is close to everything the mountain has to offer and provides excellent facilities for working.


Are you in charge of a group of enthusiastic youngsters who deserve a real adventure? Perfect! The SkiStar Olympic Youth Camp is just the place for you. We have accommodation suitable for groups of all kinds.

If you’d like help with your booking, please contact group@skistar.com and we’ll be happy to help.