Cross country cycling (XC) is a form of mountain biking performed on trails consisting of forest roads and paths. Cross country cycling emphasizes endurance over technical skill. In Sälen there is great cross-country biking on scenic gravel roads, forest roads and trails with different difficulty levels and characters.

Our bike trails start from the trail hub at Experiumtorget. The possibility to take the lift up the mountain and try out biking in the mountains represents an additional dimension for cross-country cycling. 



Surface: Hiking trail, partly with gravel, but also with many boardwalks.
Bicycle type: MTB
Characteristics: Partly downhill on boardwalks and finally some climbs on bike and hiking trails.
Start: Start Gustav Express mountain top / Finish Gustav Express Dal.
Description: Take the Gustav Express lift up the mountain. Follow the hiking trail over Apotekarstugan (cottage). Turn right towards Gammelgården and follow the signs to the right via Sälfjällstorget towards Lindvallen.


Bicycle type: MTB
Surface: Asphalted footpaths and gravel roads.
Characteristics: Flat and easy
Description: Start/finish at SkiStar Lodge Experiumtorget. The route follows foot/bike trails around Experiumtorget, Lindvallens mountain lodge and Valleberget. Easy tour for the whole family


Bicycle type: MTB, Crossbike
Surface: Asphalt and gravel roads
Characteristics: Technically easy, but with challenging climbs
Start/finish: Olnispagården, town of Sälen
Description: Start at the track is signposted, easy route and the finish is Gustav Express at the top of Lindvallen. Goes via Gamla Fjällvägen, Dammkölen, Sälfjällstorget, Gubbmyren, Köarskär and Sälfjällstangen up to the top of Lindvallen (Hemfjället).


Bicycle type: MTB, cross bike, normal bike with gears.
Surface: Asphalt and gravel roads.
Characteristics: Technically easy with some challenging climbs
Start/finish: SkiStar Bike Park Trail, Experiumtorget
Description: Start at the roundabout at Fjällvägen. Continue towards Gubbmyren, then continue on the gravel road for approx. 13 km until you reach a junction with 4 trails. Turn right at the crossroads, go straight on to the next crossroads. Then straight ahead on the wider path. Continue along Västerdalsälven for approx. 12.5 km until you reach the northern bridge in Sälen. To get back up the mountain, turn right and drive up the old mountain road. It is quite a steep climb, so it's good to have some reserves of strength. Tips: Take a trip to Hälla Nature Park. You will pass a nice swimming spot at Garpsätratjärn.

Other cross country trails starting at the summit station of the Gustav Express lift

To Högfjället 4 km

Surface: Hiking trail that is sometimes gravel but also contains plenty of plank walkways.
Type of Bike: MTB
Start: Start Gustav Express summit station / End Högfjällshotellet.
Description: Take the Gustav Express lift up the mountain (single ticket). Then follow the hiking trail via the Pharmacist Cabin (Apotekarstugan) toward Gammelgården and signs toward Högfjället. Much of the route has plank walkways. 

Högfjället to Hundfjället (16km) and on to Rörbäcksnäs (34km)

Surface: Gravel and paved road.
Type of bike: MTB
Start: Högfjället
Description: The trail heads through the cabin area all the way down to Hundfjället from its starting point at Högfjällshotellet. Once you arrive in Hundfjället you can choose whether you want to continue to Rörbäcknäs where there is some great single track biking. 

Bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling arenas.