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Cross country

Cross country cycling (XC) is a form of mountain biking performed on trails consisting of gravel roads and trails. Cross country cycling focuses on endurance over technical skill.

Vemdalen has some wonderful cycling opportunities on a range of fine gravel roads, forest trails and trails of varying difficulty levels and character. You can also take a lift up the mountain and try out mountain biking, which is another dimension of cross-country biking. 

Cross Country bike in Sälen

To get the most out of your cycling trip, you need a proper bike. It needs to be robust to withstand the weight of your gear and comfortable for long days on the seat. Often there is a long distance between the axles so that the pedals are not blocked by luggage.

If you don't have your own bike, you can rent a gravel or trail bike in Sälen. They are great to use on gravel and country roads. It makes your ride easier and you can feel confident that your bike will live up to your expectations.


Valle's Bike Trail (green) 2 km

Type of bike: MTB
Surface: Asphalt and gravel hiking and bike paths.
Character: Easy, not hilly
Description: Start/Finish at SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen. The trail goes via hiking/bike lanes around Experiumtorget, Lindvallens Fäbod and Valleberget. An easy ride for the whole family.

King of the hill (red) 13 km

Type of bike: MTB, bike cross
Surface: Asphalt and gravel road
Character: Technically simple but with challenging climbs
Start/Finish: Olnispagården, Sälen town
Description: The trail is marked with an easy road and the finish is at the Gustav Express at the summit of Lindvallen. Follows the old mountain trail, Dammkölen, Sälfjällstorget, Gubbmyren, Köarskär and Sälfjällstangen up to the summit at Lindvallen (Hemfjället).

Hällaturen (blue) 39 km

Type of bike: MTB, bike cross, regular bike with gears
Surface: Asphalt and gravel road
Character: Technically easy with partially challenging climbs
Start/Finish: SkiStar Bike Park Trail, Experiumtorget
Description: Cycle towards the roundabout at Fjällvägen. Then continue towards Gubbmyren, head straight on the gravel road for about 13 km until you reach a four-way junction. Turn right at the junction, continue straight on to the next four-way junction. Then straight ahead on the larger road. Cycling continues along Västerdalsälven for about 12.5 km until you reach the northern bridge in Sälen. To get up the mountain again, turn right and take the old mountain road up. Here the climb turns steep, so make sure you save a bit of energy for this point. Tip! Why not take a trip around the Hällas nature reserve? You’ll pass a lovely swimming area at Garpsätratjärn.

Other cross country trails from the summit of the Gustav Express

Köardalsleden 7 km

Surface: Hiking trail that is partly gravelly but also has plenty of trails
Type of bike: MTB
Character: Partly downhill on trails and a fair share of uphill climbs on gravel bike and hiking lanes
Start: Start Gustav Express summit / Goal Gustav Express valley
Description: Buy a single ticket and take the Gustav Express lift up the mountain. Then follow the hiking trail via Apotekarstugan. Go down towards Gammelgården, then follow the signs to the right towards Lindvallen via Sälfjällstorget.

Lindvallen to Hundfjället (16 km) and on to Rörbäcksnäs (34 km)

Surface: Gravel and asphalt road.
Type of bike: MTB
Start: Lindvallen or Högfjället
Description: The trail goes through cabin areas all the way from Lindvallen to Hundfjället, via Högfjällshotellet. Once you have reached Hundfjället, you can choose to continue to Rörbäcknäs, where there is great trail cycling. 

Trail cycling in Rörbäcksnäs

Naturkartan Sälenfjällen

For your safety, bicycle helmets are mandatory in all cycling areas.

Map - Summer in Sälen

Summer map of Lindvallen

Map - Summer in Sälen

Bike rental and service

You can rent a mountain bike or hand in your bike for service during the summer at SkiStarshop Experiumtorget. If you want to rent a downhill bike or protective equipment, you can do so at Gustavtorget.

Bike rental and service