Bike Scandinavia – biking in two countries

Sälen and Trysil offer varied biking for everyone. A combination of thrilling bike parks, tucked-away trails and extensive gravel roads offer you a cycling experience that is anything but ordinary.

Great terrain


Sälen offers a wide variety of biking for the whole family. In addition to downhill and trail biking, there are several pump tracks and technical areas. The greater Sälen area also offers amazing cross-country cycling options, both on the mountain and in the small mountain village of Rörbäcksnäs, between Sälen and Trysil.  

Sälen Bike Park Downhill - There are a number of different downhill trails of varying difficulty levels, all sprinkled with jumps, drops and banked turns. To ride downhill, you'll need a LiftPass, allowing you to easily bring your bike up on one of the chairlifts.

Sälen Bike Park Trail opened in summer 2021. The trail consists of wide, smooth machine-dug trails perfect for anyone wanting to try their hand at trail biking. To access the Bike Park Trail, you’ll need a TrailPass. If you also want to try out our lift-access trail, Easy Rider, which starts at the top of Gustavbacken, you'll need a Lift- & TrailPass.

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Trysil is Norway's top destination for trail biking, offering incredible variety and a wide range of trails. In addition to trail biking, there are two bike parks, complete with pump tracks, jumps and different technical elements - perfect for preparing for the larger trails. If you're looking for cross-country biking, the 14-kilometre Fjellrunden is a must.

Gullia is a real gold mine for trail biking enthusiasts where family-friendly trails with awesome layouts and custom-built features give you a one-of-a-kind experience.

Magic Moose is a 7.5-kilometre blue flow trail with a perfect combination of banked turns, playful hills and unique wooden features. To access Magic Moose, you'll need a LiftPass, allowing you to easily bring your bike up on one of the Fjellekspressen chairlifts. 

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More biking summer 2022

For summer 2022, two new trails are being built in Sälen and a brand new 1,200-m2 pump track. Trysil will get two new lift-access flow trails from the top of Fjellekspressen. We have also created a new feature, allowing you to book your bike rentals directly on

Stay at our Lodges and Hotels

At the SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen in Sälen and Radisson Blu in Trysil, you'll stay in comfortable private flats or in modern hotel rooms, all with direct access to lifts, restaurants, shops and summer fun. There is also swimming, bowling and other activities that are sure to make your holiday incredible.

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Accommodation package featuring Lift & TrailPass

Our affordable "Bike Scandinavia Package" includes a Lift & TrailPass, which can be used in both Sälen and Trysil - so you can bike in two different countries all in one trip, all with the same Lift- & TrailPass.


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