MySkiStar WiFi hotspots

Around our lifts and ski runs are several hotspots with free WiFi for those who are registered in MySkiStar.

In order to use MySkiStar WiFi, you need to be registered in MySkiStar. Log in with your MySkiStar account information and then you are able to surf without charge in the MySkiStar WiFi network.

MySkiStar offers free WiFi hotspots in the following locations:

Duved / Tegefjäll  
Renen Duved, all rooms (not apartments) 
Duveds Linbana (D3), embarkation, heated shelter and SkiStarshop
Tegefjäll SkiStarshop 
Heated shelter in Tegefjäll 
Tegeliften (D9), embarkation


Rödkullen Ripanliften (Å17), embarkation Kabinbanan (Å29), embarkation, heated shelter
Rödkullen heated shelter Kabinbanan (Å29), disembarking, heated shelter
  Gondolen (H23), disembarking
Bräckeliften (Å21), embarkation Reception Åre Fjällby
SkiStar Snow Park Hangout Brunkulla
VM8:an (Å22), embarkation SkiStarshop Åre Fjällby
Alpina Nationalarenan, whole finish area SkiStarshop Tott Hotell
Åre Ski Inn by VM-plateau SkiStarshop Kabinbanan
VM6:an (Å31) embarkation SkiStarshop VM8:an
Fjällgårdsexpressen (Å34), embarkation SkiStarshop Åre Square
Stendalsliften (H24), embarkation SkiStarshop Hanson
Nedre Tväråvalvet (H25), embarkation SkiStarshop Holiday Club
Övre Tväråvalvet (H27), embarkation Hanson Concept Store


Reception Centrum house
Heated shelter above SkiStarshop
Järven/Nalleliften (B44, B45), embarkation
SkiStarshop Åre Björnen
SkiStarshop Copperhill
Sadelexpressen (B37),  embarkation