Gems in Åre

All of Åre’s ski areas are rich in hidden gems that not everyone knows of. Our destination experts have made a list of their top tips to make your ski holiday anything but ordinary.

Forgotten areas

A lot of people set their sights on Åre village and end up missing out on everything the other ski areas have to offer, but no ski holiday in Åre is complete without at least one day in Duved/Tegefjäll. Perfect slopes for carving with less people and more space, where skiing through the snow is nothing but pure magic.

Act like a local

"Eight at eight" is a term used by all of Åre’s residents. There is no better start to the day than doing a few runs on a freshly prepared Gästrappet (slope 57). Afterwards, coffee and sweet treats are practically mandatory at the new restaurant, La Gondola, at the top of VM8 (lift Å22).

The best central piste

Åre's best central slope for carving powder is undoubtedly Lundsrappet (slope 55). The start of Lundsrappet is black, steep and best for advanced skiers, but there are also easier routes to the lower part of Lundsrappet, which is a paradise for skiers who love to carve. Ski across the upper part of Gästrappet (slope 57) and after the first part, turn right onto the trail towards Bräcke. Ride through the first tunnel and just before the second tunnel, turn left onto Lundsrappet. You can also reach the lower part of Lundsrappet if you ride through the first part of Valle's Ski Adventures (slope 46) to restaurant 720. Turn left onto Årevägen (slope 48). When you arrive at the first tunnel, turn right onto Lundsrappet.

Incredible off-piste opportunities

In addition to incredible on-piste skiing, the entire ski area also offers awesome off-piste opportunities. Choose between skiing in the woods in Tegefjäll, the eastern or western ravines, the back of the ravines and the angled slopes. To get the most out of your stay in Åre, we strongly recommend that you book an off-piste experience with our knowledgeable and experienced guides who will ensure that your day on the mountain is unforgettable. Our guides know tons of hidden gems and are more than happy to take you out exploring.

Eat well - feel good

Åre has no shortage of high-quality restaurants – it's impossible to choose just a few! If you're at Åre torg, you’ll have a wide variety of restaurants within a few minutes' walk. Download the SkiStar app and find your favourite. No matter what you choose, you’ll be guaranteed fantastic food, five-star service and a great atmosphere.

A dark and magical adventure

Every Wednesday (weeks 50-10) between 18:00-20:00 Ski Touring is open. Hike up Långsvängen (slopes 34, 46, 48) from the VM8 valley station (lift Å22) to the top of the lift. The total elevation gain is 454 metres. The path up is lit, and once you’re at the top, just head down Gästrappet (slope 57) to get back to the bottom of VM8. In addition to being a magical and wonderful skiing experience, you'll also get a really nice workout to boot. If you don't have ski touring equipment, you can rent it from the SkiStarshop Concept Store Hanson in the middle of Åre Torg.