Cross-country skiing Åre

In the entire area of Åre, there are plenty of prepared cross-country skiing trails to choose from.

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Cross Country tracks Björnen
7 cross country trails
  • Björnen - 15 km
    15km • Closed
  • Björnen - 5 km
    5km • Closed
  • Björnen - 10 km
    10km • Closed
  • Björnen - 3 km
    3km • Closed
  • Björnen - 7,5 km
    7.5km • Closed
  • Björnen - 1 km
    1km • Closed
  • Björnen - 2 km
    2km • Closed
Cross Country tracks Duved
5 cross country trails
  • Duved - 5 km
    5km • Closed
  • Duved - 2,5 km
    2.5km • Closed
  • Duved - 10 km
    10km • Closed
  • Duved - 15 km
    15km • Closed
  • Duved - 7 km
    7km • Closed
Cross Country tracks Ullådalen
2 cross country trails
  • Ullådalen - 2,5 km
    2.5km • Closed
  • Ullådalen - 5 km
    5km • Closed

Cross Country tracks in the Vicinity of Åre

Duved Cross Country skiing trails
The longer tracks in Duved is generally a little more hilly than in Åre Björnen. Many possibilities to create your own variations and combinations of trails. You can start your ski tour or exercise round from the car park between Renen and Föreningshuset or from the Trail Centre 300 meters west of Hamreliften. From the mountain guest house Millestgården, Backs and Pålles cabin villages in Duved’s most westerly part, you can start via connecting trails.
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Cross-country skiing trails Duved

Technique training/sprint course A 400 metre long track with curves, bumps and short but steep hills. Located 200 metres from the Trail Centre (Hamrelia).

Ullådalen Cross Country skiing trails
Ullådalen is the starting point for many check-marked trails but also has two trails that are prepared. The Ullådal area can be reached via the road to Ullådalen’s parking or ski lift from Tegefjäll right up to 800 metres above sea level, in order to then slide down to the cross-country skiing trails. There is also a ski bus from Duved and Åre to Rödkullen, which is adjacent to Ullådalen. From the ski buses in Rödkullen it is about 1.5 kilometres to Ullådalen’s trail centre.

Cross-country skiing trails Ullådalen

 Björnen Cross Country skiing trails
Snow-sure cross-country skiing in sheltered forest terrain. Parking directly after the lift area, where tracks also go out from. It is also possible to combine different trails’ routes to vary the skiing and create one’s own variant.
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Cross-country skiing trails Björnen