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Skiers who bought lift passes for Hemsedal

SkiPass / lift pass Hemsedal

Buy a SkiPass for Hemsedal’s ski areas.

SkiPass for Hemsedal

When you buy a SkiPass (lift pass) for Hemsedal, it applies to skiing on 50 ski slopes, with a maximum elevation of 1450 m a.s.l. 

Your SkiPass is more than a regular lift pass. It’s your entrance ticket to the whole mountain and allows you to participate in activities taking place in the ski area.

Buy SkiPass for Hemsedal - always cheapest online

You can buy your SkiPass at any of the SkiStarshops in Hemsedal, but SkiPass is always cheapest online, which means that pre-booking your SkiPass saves you both time and money. You can quickly and easily pre-book your SkiPass for Hemsedal on skistar.com or in the SkiStar app and then pick it up at a SkiPass pick up automat.