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Gain access to a maximum range of activities in Trysil, all in one pass. The TrysilPass is always cheapest online, so pre-book your pass today to start planning your holiday straight away.

The Trysil Pass gives you:

  • Access to all Biking activities in Trysil (lift-based cycling and trails, pump tracks and skills areas)
  • Mountain Coaster
  • Mountain Tube
  • Mountain Drifting Mini-Carts
  • Gym indoor and outdoor at SkiStar Lodge Trysil, Fageråsen
  • Bath and sauna at SkiStar Lodge Trysil, Fageråsen (once per day. Drop-in only. No pre-booking required with TrysilPasset. Children aged 0-13 are welcome at the bath between 12:00-18:00.)

Please note! Special safety rules, such as age or height restrictions, apply to some activities. Read more about this on the page for each activity. 

The TrysilPass cannot be booked with any kind of discount, such as a shareholder discount.