New for summer 2023

This summer, you’ll be able to explore two brand new adventure arenas in Sälen and Trysil, including: SummerSki, Mountain Tube and Mountain Coaster. A climbing park is under construction in Vemdalen, and several new cycle routes are being added to Åre and Hemsedal.

News in Sälen

  • A brand new adventure arena is being built on Valleberget at SkiStar Lodge Lindvallen, with plenty of new summer activities such as: SummerSki, Mountain Coaster and Mountain Tube.
  • SkiStar Bike Park Trail: Several of the bike trails are being extended as blue or green difficulty levels, with a total length of 2.5 km.
  • The walking and cycling trail between Gruvens Fäbod near Högfjälllet and Sälfjällstorget will be completed by summer.
  • Don't miss SkiStar Sälen's new events this summer: iChallenge 8-11 June and Nils van der Poel Tested with Hans Olsson 7-9 July. See all this summer's events in Sälen »
  • Solar panels: as part of SkiStar’s efforts to produce its own renewable energy, five major buildings in Sälen will be equipped with solar panels, including Experium and Wasastugan.

News in Åre

  • Åreskutan 360: Enjoy all the views of Åreskutan, which will become even more easily accessible by summer 2023 with an approximately 300-metre-long loop with trails/ramps at the summit.
  • In Åre Bike Park Downhill, the blue jump trail Cobra will be 1.8 kilometres longer and the Shimano trail is being upgraded and modernised.
  • Two new trails are being added to Åre Bike Park Trail Björnen: Järnet (blue) 0.6 km, Hackan (red) 0.8 km, and a new jump section, a 150-m long jump trail.
  • New lift: The Stjärn lift is a brand new bike lift designed to take more bikes than before.
  • The climbing park gets a new track and is extended with tree climbing - where you use harnesses and stakes to climb up trees according to your own ability.
  • New outdoor gym in Björnen
  • The O-ringen will be held in Åre on 23-29 July. See all the summer's events in Åre »

News in Vemdalen

  • Several new developments are taking place in Vemdalskalet and adjacent to Skalet square, where SkiStar is building a large climbing park and trail bike facility. 
  • A brand-new climbing park with zipline will be added to the Skalet Express summit. The climbing park consists of seven different tracks with varying difficulty levels and two ziplines.
  • Trail cycling: two custom-built trail sections will be added from the Skalet Express summit. In addition to the trail paths will be a training course, a so-called skills area.

News in Hammarbybacken

  • Three unique new activities - Bungy Rocket, climbing tower and trampoline
  • Vallestigen - A hiking trail that takes you to the summit of Hammarbybacken and back down again. The trail features a variety of fun and challenging activities along the way, which are also free of charge.

News in Trysil

  • A brand new adventure arena is being built at Eventyr, adjacent to the Turistsenter, with plenty of new summer activities such as: Mountain Coaster, Mountain Tube and Mountain drifting mini-carts.
  • Trail cycling for children: In Valleskogen, you can explore two new cycling trails (light green) and an adapted cycling trail for the youngest children by the conveyor belt in the children's area.
  • Lift-based trail cycling: The lift-based trail cycling accessed via the Mountain Express lift has been further developed with a new, easier cycle path with four customised stops along the way with activities for families with children.
  • Radisson Blu Mountain Resort & Residence is changing its name to SkiStar Lodge Trysil on 1 May and opens for the season on 23 June. Book SkiStar Lodge Trysil this summer »

News in Hemsedal

  • Trail cycling: Destination Hemsedal has developed two new cycle paths from the summit of Hollvin Express - Broadway, a green flow trail that crosses over to the new blue High Line. The total length of these two together is about 2 km, and will become a circular loop that runs towards Sollaust and the area under Totten.

digital news

  • Apple Wallet/Apple Watch ticket: To make it easier for you to reach your QR code tickets, we have added support for the Apple Wallet. This also includes having your QR code ticket in your Apple Watch.
  • SkiStar App: Simplified booking flow regardless of the destination you have already booked or where you are, without the need to visit