Alexander's ski tips

There are many benefits to becoming a better skier – increased joy of movement, more stamina, a safer and more stable feeling, as well as the chance to experience and explore more of the destination and have more fun with the kids. Alexander, who has been a ski instructor since 2004 and received the Swedish ski instructor diploma in 2007, has listed five tips on how to become a better skier.

1. Setting a goal

If you have a goal, your journey becomes much easier! Do you have an internal image/feeling of what you want to achieve? Do you have a role model? But hey - don't forget that it should be fun! If your goal "only" is to have fun, what do you consider fun and what would you like to learn? Having something specific to practice during your day of skiing makes the skiing more rewarding regardless of the weather.

2. Insight

Where are you today in relation to your goal? How does it look? How does it feel? All skiers should watch themselves on video – does your feeling match the image?

3. Get help

Do you want to reach your goals in the best way possible? Ask someone who actually knows, not your neighbour or brother-in-law who was in the slalom club as a teenager, rather book an appointment with a ski instructor. A skilled ski instructor will help you find the most effective way to reach your goals, whether it's about movement or mindset. If you've advanced to steps 1 and 2, you're well prepared for your skiing lesson.

4. Challenge yourself

If you don't step out of your comfort zone, you won't improve. Try edging your skis a little more, try mogul skiing or off-piste skiing, follow the children into the forest or in the park. Improving your skiing skills involves challenging your sense of balance and falling now and again.

5. Prioritize skiing

Practice makes perfect, and now you'll have the motivation to ski in the evening, be first at the freshly-groomed pistes in the morning, or why not head to the mountains or to the local slopes a few extra times this year? You have a goal to reach!


My name is Alexander and have been a ski instructor since 2004, and have been working with Trysilguidene since 2006. I took the Swedish ski instructor diploma in 2007 and since then I have also been working as a trainer for ski instructors. The amazing thing when working as a ski instructor is when you see things falling into place and when you can tell by the body language that the guest you are training is feeling it with their entire body. I believe it is very important for both children and adults to be challenged in order to achieve success. It provides a positive self image that you can benefit from in all aspects of life, not just in our little "skiing bubble". Being able to contribute to this is enormously rewarding.