MySkiStar WiFi hotspots

Around our lifts and ski runs are several hotspots with free WiFi for those who are registered in MySkiStar.

In order to use MySkiStar WiFi, you need to be registered in MySkiStar. Log in with your MySkiStar account information and then you are able to surf without charge in the MySkiStar WiFi network.

MySkiStar offers free WiFi hotspots in the following locations in Vemdalen:

Vemdalsskalet Guestservice Skalet Express (D), embarkation
SkiStarshop Skalspasset Väst Express (H), embarkation
Torghuset, houses and apartments Pass Express (J), embarkation
Heated shelter Skalspasset  
Solhyllan, houses and apartments  Hovde Hotell  
Valle's cabin Heated shelter Rönningen
Mellanliften (F), embarkation Heated shelter Skalet Express (D)
Sörgårdarna, houses and apartments   


SkiStarshop Björnrike square
SkiStarShop Björnrikecentrat
Heated shelter Björnvallen
Grizzly Express (K), embarkation
Heated shelter Idet


Klövsjö / Storhogna
SkiStarshop Klövsjö
SkiStarshop Storhogna M
Heated shelter