Pedal off toward great summer mountain experiences in Vemdalen. You'll find everything from switchback trails to gravel tracks waiting to be discovered and explored.


Pre-book online well in advance to secure your bike. There is also a limited number of bikes that can be booked on site.  All pre-booked bikes must be picked up by 11 am on the day the rental is due to start. If you do not notify us at the time of booking that you will be late, the bike may be rented out to visitors to the shop.

If you have any questions, please contact SkiStarshop Vemdalsskalet at +46 (0) 684-151 20 or email


Biking in Vemdalen

Bike along rivers, past towns and mountain farms, or through forests to glittering lakes and ponds. You'll find great road biking, bike trails and pump tracks in Vemdalen.

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Pump track at Vemdalsskalet

A pump track is a type of biking where you use movement to "pump" the bike forward, instead of pedalling. A beginner's pump track is located by Tourist Information on Skalets Torg, which even the smallest cyclists can handle. The facility consists of two tracks – one a pump track and the other a gravel track (short track) next to the ski slope.

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