Electric car charging in Trysil

There are several charging stations for electric cars in Trysil. All charged must be done at the designated charging stations; it is forbidden to connect electric cars directly to the socket/engine preheater socket at the lodging. Bring your own charging cable.

Charging stations in Trysil

  • 24 chargers in the car park between the Welcome Centre and Radisson Blu Resort Trysil 
  • 10 x type 2 at Trysilsenteret
  • 2 CHAdeMO at Trysilsenteret
  • 8 pcs. CCS/Combo at Trysilsenteret
  • 2 Type 2 at Trysil Municipality
  • 10 chargers at Høyfjellssenteret
  • 18 x MER chargers at Radisson Blu Mountain Resort & Residences
  • 8 pcs. MER chargers at Radisson Blu Resort available to hotel guests

Lodging with charging pole »

We are continuously working to increase the number of lodgings that come with charging stations, and to update lodgings with the option of charging electric cars.