3 Sep - 4 Sep 2022

Järv Adventure Trysil

Welcome to Norway's biggest mountain destination! Adventure is never far away in Trysil, where you'll find Scandinavia's best bike park and great mountain trails. No sooner said than done for Järv Eventyr.

Järv Trysil offers fantastic mountain trails and world class trail biking.

About the competition

Day 1 – An unforgettable mountain run during which you’ll solve challenging tasks, search for treasure and enjoy the view of Trysilfjellet 1132 together! 
Day 2 – You’ll bike together in Scandinavia's coolest MTB park, solving exciting tasks. The adventure ends with the whole team taking the lift up to the top and cycling the 7 km long "Magic Moose" together to the finish.
Järv Eventyr Trysil is medium difficulty and suitable for families and groups of friends with a bit of experience in mountain riding and trail biking.

Järv Trysil has two start groups

Järv Kompis:

14–80 years, 16 km mountain trail day 1,  26 km mountain biking day 2 

Järv Familie:

7-80 years, approx. 11 km mountain trails day 1, 17 km mountain biking day 2 

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