Norway's two largest ski resorts

A visit to Norway is a chance to experience nature at its best - high mountains, deep fjords and enormous forests. SkiStar operates two of the largest ski resorts in Norway: Trysil and Hemsedal. They're located only 300 km from each other, but offer remarkably different skiing experiences.

The Norwegians are famous for their penchant for anything active and there's nothing a Norwegian loves better than to get out into nature. This makes weekends at our ski resorts extra lively, as tourists from abroad are joined by Norwegians from the big cities in the vicinity, while weekdays offer the luxury of plenty of space on the slopes. Our ski resorts in Norway offer alpine skiing for all tastes, from large beginner areas and perfectly groomed slopes to challenging off piste skiing. 

SkiStar also has ski resorts in Sweden
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