Opening hours for the pre-season in Sälen

Here you can see which lifts, slopes and cross-country skiing trails will open shortly. We update the information regularly.


Ski area Lift Opens
Lindvallen Sydpolen 2021-12-17
Tandådalen Solliften (T14), Barnliften (T30), Kotten (T18) 2021-12-17
Hundfjället Långliftarna (H10) 2021-12-17


Ski area Slopes Opens
Tandådalen Barnbacken (22) 2021-12-17
Hundfjället Långbacke 1 & 2 (17 &18) 2021-12-17

Cross-country tracks

Trail Centre Opens Classic/SkateLength
Experiumtorget 2021-12-10 ClassicGreen 1500 metersFree
Lindvallen 2021-12-10 Skate1,5 km

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