Opening hours for the pre-season in Sälen

Here you can see which lifts, slopes and cross-country skiing trails will open shortly. We update the information regularly.


Ski area Lift Open
Lindvallen Gustav Express (L22), Trasten (L21), Orren (L19), Nordpolen (L17), Ripan (L15), Gladan (L13), Ugglan (L10), Klarnabandet, Rullband Nordpolen 2022-12-02 – 2022-04-23


Ski area Slopes Open
Lindvallen Gustav (29), Lisa (22), Nisse (21), Lotta (20), Olle (19), Pelle (27), Ida (26), Elin (23), Hugo (14), Anna (11) 2022-12-02 – 2022-04-23


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