Arrival and check-in

If you arrive before your check-in time the transfer will take you to a central location in Hundfjället, , Tandådalen, Högfjället or Lindvallen (not to the Check-in station on the booking confirmation). Luggage storage, storage of valuables and a changing area are available at all ski areasTransfer from the ski area to your accommodation is not included, but taxis can be booked via Sälenbuss or + 46 (0) 280 20300.

If you want to hit the slopes straight away, you can pick up pre-booked SkiPasses and rental skis at SkiStarShop Hundfjällstorget, Tandådalstorget, Högfjället or Experiumtorget (Lindvallen). If you have not pre-booked ski rental or SkiPasses, you can buy these in any SkiStarShop.


If you arrive after your check-in time , the transfer will take you to the Check-in station you chose when booking the transfer.


Check-in takes place at the check-in time on your confirmation at the Check-in station for your accommodation, see My pageThe Check-in station may be located at a distance from both luggage storage and your accommodation.