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Gems in Sälen

Sälen has many hidden treasures and gems that not everyone knows about. Our destination experts have made a list of their top tips to make your ski holiday anything but ordinary.

Off-piste for the whole family

On either side of slope 9 in Hundfjället, there’s a beautiful and relatively sparse forest with a gentle slope that’s perfect for the whole family. Take the H8 lift and exit to your right - get ready for some amazing rides over beautiful terrain. However, make sure you don’t go too far into the forest, as you’ll find yourself in the path of ski lift H9, followed by a pretty steep slope down into Trollskogen.

Nice and easy carving slopes

From the summit of Söderåsen Express, there are several great slopes for carving (especially slopes 3 and 4). When the lactic acid gets to be too much and it's time for a break, just slide on down to Scan Korv & Carve and have a hotdog with your skis on at the bottom of slopes 1, 2 and 3.

SkiStar Magic Mountain

Let the magic begin! Discover SkiStar Magic Mountain - a brand new and unique skiing experience for the whole family where you ski in a spectacular light show on the Valle Mountain in Lindvallen.

Half-Pipe Ravine

Slope 18 in Lindvallen is a ravine that is not groomed. The terrain allows you to ski from edge to edge - just like being in a large natural half-pipe. After a fresh snowfall, this place can only be described as magical.

Challenge for more adventurous skiers

If you want an extra challenge, try Väggen in Hundfjället. One of Sweden's steepest groomed slopes where you’re guaranteed to experience something extraordinary.

Wide and steep

For advanced skiers, the Sol area by T4 at Tandådalen is an absolute must. The area has beautiful steep slopes that give skiers a lot of space, and if there's a lot of fresh snow, this is a great place to spend the morning. Make sure to stop by the SkiStarshop first to get your steel edges sharpened, and you're guaranteed to have a great time.

Valle's Show

A must when you're in Sälen is Valle's Show. You can see and meet Valle almost every day at Valle's Fäbod at Hundfjället and at Valletorget in Lindvallen. You can find exact times for Valle's Show in the SkiStar app.

Early Morning Skiing

Book a unique skiing experience where you’ll get access to the slopes before everyone else and enjoy corduroy snow or, if you’re really lucky, fresh snow at its finest.

More space to manoeuvre on the slopes

Slopes 6, 7, 8 and 9 at Högfjället are wide and beautiful, with a gentle slope that’s perfect for most anyone. This was where skiing in Sälenfjällen began. A skiing experience with history. Keep the fun going when you’re done enjoying the slopes and head to one of Högfjällshotellet's delicious restaurants.