MySkiStar Wifi hotspots

Around our lifts and ski runs are several hotspots with free Wifi for those who are registered in MySkiStar.

In order to use MySkiStar Wifi, you need to be registered in MySkiStar. Log in with your MySkiStar account information and then you are able to surf without charge in the MySkiStar Wifi network.

MySkiStar free Wifi hotspots in the following locations in Hemsedal:

Tinden (I), embarkation and disembarking Hamarheisen (L), embarkation
Heated shelter at Fjellkafeen Ulvenheisen (O), embarkation
Totten 2 (N), embarkation and disembarking Hollvin Express (E) embarkation and disembarking
SkiStarshop base area  Welcome center 1, Hemsedal Fjellandsby
Roniheisen (G), disembarking Heated shelter, by topstation Fjellugla (B2)
SkiStarshop Skigaarden SkiStarshop Concept Store, Alpin Lodge
SkiStar Skirental, Hemsedal Alpin Lodge