Grocery stores, pharmacy, liquor store, etc.

Doctor/Urgent care

In case of emergency: 113
Medical consultation 24/7: (+47) 116 117

Hemsedal doctor's office

Located behind the municipality house on the outskirts of Hemsedal city centre.

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Phone (+47) 31 40 89 00

Ski patrol

In case of accidents on the ski slopes at Hemsedal Ski Centre. The main base is located to the left of the entry onto Holdeskarsheisen.

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Phone (+47) 90 60 98 26
(Extra phone number (+47) 32 05 53 30)


Medicine outlets located in the centre of Hemsedal.  

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Grocery stores/convenience stores

The mountain shop

Convenience store in SkiStar Lodge Hemsedal Alpin at the base of Hemsedal Ski Centre. 

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Coop Extra Hemsedal

Food shop in the centre of Hemsedal with over 6000 product lines and a good organic selection.

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Kiwi Hemsedal

One of Norway's largest Kiwi stores, with over 9000 items and award-winning service. Product delivery.

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Hemsedal Taxi

Phone: (+47) 06175 

Din Taxi - Hemsedal Taxisentral

Phone: (+47) 4803 6666 

The ski bus

Free ski bus between Hemsedal Ski Centre, Solheisen Ski Centre, Hemsedal Centre, Ulsåk and Tuv.

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Bus transfer

Airport transfer between Oslo Gardemoen Airport and Hemsedal, Friday and Sunday in high season.

Vinmonopol (alcohol shop)

Hemsedal Vinmonopol, at Rampa shopping centre in Hemsedal centre. Wine, beer and liquor.

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