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Book lodging and get a discount on SkiPass

Don't miss out on this winter's best savings tip - right now you can get 10% off your SkiPass when you book lodging for your winter ski holiday. Book now and start looking forward to it.

How to take advantage of the SkiPass discount

To benefit from the discount, you need to book lodging and SkiPass at the same time, on the same booking. When you have lodging in your basket and add SkiPass, the discount is automatically deducted at checkout.

The discount applies when you book lodging and at least one adult SkiPass at the same time, on the same booking number: The offer is valid until 30 September 2024, does not apply to season passes, SkiStar All or subscriptions and cannot be combined with other SkiPass discounts.

Great discounts when you become a member

When you buy a 6-8 day SkiPass and become a SkiStar Member, you get discounts on ski rental, private lessons and admission to certain adventure pools. Read more about SkiStar Member »


Unique with our SkiPass

  • Between 51 and 101 groomed ski slopes thanks to the most efficient snow production system in Northern Europe.
  • Safety with care;unique alpine snow guarantee - rebook your trip or get your money back if we can't deliver the alpine ski product we promise.
  • SkiPass is always free for children up to 6 years old.
  • Use SkiStar's ski buses - more convenient transportation that takes you between your accommodation and the slopes, or between ski areas.
  • Free access to lots of Valle activities.
  • Free access to SkiStar Snow Park, developed by Olympic medalists Jesper Tjäder and Birk Ruud.
  • Free access to SkiStar Fun Ride.
  • Link your SkiPass to SkiStar Game where you can check your stats, participate in fun challenges and collect pins.

The mountains' active member's club - take advantage of exclusive member offers and discounts, promotions and more.

Become a member
Become a member

SkiStar Lodge is our absolute best lodging, always close to activity and relaxation, as well as restaurants and shopping.

Read more about SkiStar Lodge
Read more about SkiStar Lodge

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