Save up to 142 EUR* on SkiPass, ski school and ski rental

Don't miss out on this winter’s top savings - right now, you can save up to 142 EUR* on SkiPass, ski school and ski rental when you book lodging for your winter ski holiday. Have something to look forward to - book now, pay later.

Book by 30/9 - How to get the discount

  • Book lodging at any (or some) of our destinations.
  • Go to the SkiPass button via the shopping basket to add your SkiPass and get a 10% discount. 
  • After booking lodging+SkiPass (at least 3 days), you who are (och become) a member will automatically be a SkiStar Member Bronze and can add both ski school and ski rental to your shopping basket and get a 10% discount.

*Calculated on Ski- & Cross-CountryPass 6+2 days, ski school 5 days and ski rental 6+2 days in Åre for 2 adults + 2 children.

Get 2 extra days when you book a 6-day SkiPass

When you buy a weekly pass, you always get 2 extra days and therefore 8 days for the price of 6. Perfect for those who are keen to hit the slopes as soon as the bags are brought into the cabin. We also recommend enjoying a couple of hours on the slopes before heading home so that you avoid getting stuck in traffic. Read more and book your SkiPass here »

Unique to our SkiPasses

  • Between 51 and 101 pistes thanks to Northern Europe's most efficient snow production system.
  • Safety with our unique alpine snow guarantee - rebook your trip or get your money back if we can't deliver the alpine ski product we promise.
  • Take advantage of SkiStar’s ski buses - sustainable transport that runs on HVO fuel and takes you between your lodging and the slopes, or between the ski areas.
  • Free access to lots of Valle activities.
  • Free access to SkiStar Snow Park, developed by Olympic medallists Jesper Tjäder and Birk Ruud.
  • Free access to SkiStar Fun Ride.
  • Link your SkiPass to SkiStar Game where you can track your ski statistics, join fun challenges and collect pins.

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The discount applies when you book at least four products at the same time using the same booking number: lodging, SkiPass, ski school and ski rental. This offer is valid until 30 September 2023 and cannot be combined with any other discounts on a SkiPass, ski school or ski rental. If you booked lodging for the 2023/24 season before May 31, 2023, you will receive an e-mail with information and instructions on how to apply for the SkiPass discount, ski school and ski rental.