Pink skiing, silence and solitude – welcome to Scandinavia.

Sensational northern lights, reindeer keeping you company on the slopes and magical pink skiing. Welcome to ski in Scandinavia - "the home of snow".

Skiing in Scandinavia - experience nature as never before

Our Scandinavian ski resorts feel remote from the world and yet are easy to get to. While the physical distance to cities and airports may not be huge, the nature here is wild and magnificently harsh.

Our ski resorts are surrounded by miles of forests and in a number of places reindeer wander freely among the skiers. Native rock ptarmigans can be seen flying past and there are endless summit and ski touring opportunities. 


Midwinter skiing in Scandinavia

Visit our skiing destinations in the middle of winter and experience skiing beneath the stars on floodlit slopes. During the darkest months of the winter we offer early morning and evening skiing on floodlit slopes at all our Scandinavian resorts. You might even get the chance to ski on slopes lit by the magical northern lights. boka1920.jpg

A unique extra season

The "fifth season" is unique to the Scandinavian Alps. It falls between winter and spring - a period when the nights are still cold but the sun shines warmly during the days. The ski slopes are at their absolute best and those who want to enjoy hard, fast pistes start off early in the morning while those who love soft spring snow just opt for a lie-in and head out on the slopes later in the morning when the sun has warmed them up.

Food and culture

All our Scandinavian ski resorts offer gourmet food of the very highest quality. We have a number of award-winning restaurants that specialise in local delicacies and locally sourced ingredients. In Åre alone there are 10 restaurants that are on the "Highly recommended" list in the White Guide (Sweden's most renowned guide to restaurants and cafés). For those interested in Sami culture, the Sami heritage park Lopme Laante is close by in Vemdalen. Lopme Laante (Sami Land) offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about Sami history, culture and food. 


150 skiing days a year

The location of our Scandinavian ski resorts makes it possible to ski from the end of November until the beginning of May. SkiStar's generous snow guarantee of course applies to all our Scandinavian ski resorts all season long and gives you the opportunity to re-book your trip or get your money back if we don't deliver the ski product we've promised.


Fly from London-Heathrow to Scandinavian Mountains Airport located right between Sälen (SE) and Trysil (NO). Sweden’s and Norway’s largest ski resorts are easily reachable from London with a flight time of just over two hours and 10 minutes transfer to Sälen.

Winter at our destinations