Valle the Snowman stands outside his restaurant, inviting his friends into the restaurant to taste his food.

Valle's Kitchen - a new game in Valle's App.

We're launching the new game "Valle's Kitchen" in Valle's App. The game intends to inspire children to enjoy food and a healthier diet.

Valle has become a role model for children - they listen to what he says and remember it. This also means that we have a duty; to impart valuable knowledge. It's a duty which we want to ensure we fulfil to an even larger extent, in order to benefit not just our guests but also society in general. 

Transition from entertainment to societal benefits

Keeping this in mind, we will now transition from an entertaining concept for children to a concept that will truly contribute to the general good of society. Using Valle as a role model, we want the app to encourage children to learn, move more and improve their health.

Last winter season we launched the programmes Work Out with Valle and Valle's Igloo Den (Valle's Hygglo) and now we're introducing Valle's Kitchen - a game that teaches children about food in an entertaining way.

Valle's Kitchen - an educational food game for children

Valle doesn't eat food - instead he gets his energy from children hugging him. The better the children have eaten, the more life force he gets from their hugs. We all get life force from the food we eat! Collect your food cards and learn lots about what kinds of food are good for you to eat. 

The main purpose of Valle's Kitchen is to create a game with high experience value which brings the children into Valle's creative world in a playful manner, inspiring them to eat food based on the well-known Plate model.

The children can choose ingredients from three categories of Valle's plate model and then prepare the meal by e.g. chopping, grating and mashing. They then get to decorate the food with both healthy and wacky toppings. Depending on the content the guests - the animals from Valle's world - then experience different fun reactions.

The player collects knowledge cards on a collection page which the player can open when he/she wants to listen, read and learn more about each ingredient. The act of collecting these cards also becomes a driving force in the game.

Learning for everyone

The informative knowledge cards that the children gather as part of the game can be used by teachers in the classroom or as a basis for discussions at the dinner table at home to inspire as many children as possible to experience the joy of good food. 

The game will be launched in Swedish, Norwegian, English and German.