30 Mar - 2 Apr 2023

Steilhang Race by EQPE

The coolest alpine competition of the season takes place in Svartåshanget, Klövsjö. With a drop of 200 metres, the slope attracts the entire Swedish alpine elite.

Accommodation during Steilhang Race by EQPE

Saturday's FIS slalom will be an exciting challenge out of the ordinary and will be held in Svartåshanget, the slope with a drop of 200 metres that has recently been approved for the World Cup. The competition ends with an award ceremony and after-ski at Hotel Klövsjöfjäll.

In connection with the Steilhang Race by EQPE, the Swedish Junior Championship (NJC) is organised with slalom on Thursday and giant slalom on Friday.


In the area where Svartåshanget is located, the Blizzard Cup parallel slalom competition was organised during Easter 1981. Participants included the biggest stars of alpine skiing at the time, including Ingemar Stenmark, Stig Strand, Steve Mahre and Bojan Križaj. The event was a huge success with around 18 000 visitors.

In 1986, an application was made to organise the World Championships in Klövsjö. In preparation for the application, the current section of the Svartåshanget was built, which measures almost 500 metres, has a drop of 200 metres and a steepest section of 38 degrees. Unfortunately, there was no World Cup in Klövsjö.

Today, Svartåshanget is Sweden's newest competition slope, approved for international competitions by FIS in autumn 2021.

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