19 Apr - 21 Apr 2024

Banked Slalom by Helene Olafsen

Banked Slalom is a fun and informal snowboarding competition suitable for everyone, whether you’re 4 or 84 years old.

SkiStar Banked Slalom by Helene Olafsen

This is your opportunity to challenge yourself, your family or your friends. Banked Slalom is best described as “the art of carving”. No jumps, no rails, just you, your board and your ability to carve and keep your pace over a course with plenty of slopes. This is a competition packed with snowboarding fun and is suitable for everyone. 

Classes for ladies and gentlemen

Kids up to 12 years old

Junior 13-15 years old

Open 16+

Pro Division*

Master Class 40+

Master Class 50+

*If you feel fast, you can choose to compete with the elite in the \"Pro division\" for a cash prize of 10,000 to the winner. No license is required to register.


At slope 50 in Fageråsen


Friday 19 April

09:00-14:00: Training

Saturday 20 April

09:30-10:15: delivery of bibs + training

10:30: Riders meeting

10:45-13:00: Banked Slalom

17:45-18:15: Award ceremony at Mt. Mocca (Radisson Blu)

Registration is open until 16:00 on Friday 19 April.