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Helene Olafsen

Helele has been snowboarding since she was 6 years old and now has a ten-year professional snowboard career behind her. According to Helene, any kind of movement can be fun. Movement is not exercise, but an important part of being a human. The most important thing is that the family has fun.

Helene and Jørgen are partners and have a son called Louie (1). She believes activity and movement make us better and happier people, and that it's the best way to discover the world together with others.

My best Trysil memory from when I was active: I was in a children's competition organised by Burton and I remember winning a Gameboy Advance. I guarded it with my life!

My best childhood memory from the mountains: Impossible to only select one. We have never had a cabin in the mountains, but when I think back to my childhood, I see my mum not spending enough time out in the sun, but spending a bit too much time making waffles! In my mind, we were always in the mountains, especially in the autumn and winter. We were always looking for something to build or discover. I think I've always loved the mountains, but it may be that I just loved eating chocolate on the summit.

My top mountain tips for the summer: Don't take too much gear, keep it to the minimum. You don't need to sleep in a tent to have fun, a sleeping bag is all you need.

The best mountain food: Everything simply tastes better outdoors. I eat a lot of fish, seafood and vegetables in the summer, but on the mountain it's usually packed meals, chocolate and nuts.

Favourite spot in the mountains in summer: Access to mountains and lakes is ideal for me. I like short, steep hikes so that you get to the view quickly.

The person I prefer to take on a training trip to the mountains this summer: Jørgen!

When I just want to enjoy outdoors in the summer, all I have to do is: Take food, a bottle of bubbly and friends down to the lake. Swimming and playing music well into the night.