9 Jan - 12 Jan

SkiStar Winter Games Vemdalen

The winter's big festival of skiing, the SkiStar Winter Games, is coming to Vemdalen! A weekend full of competitions and fun activities with a focus on downhill skiing.

Cabins and apartments in Björnrike

The SkiStar Winter Games Vemdalen is organised by Vemdalens Alpina (Vemdalen Downhill Ski Club), Klövsjö Alpina (Klövsjö Downhill Ski Club) and SkiStar Vemdalen in collaboration with the Swedish Skiing Federation. The event is a development of the traditional Vemdalsslalom slalom races, which have been successfully organised by the local slalom clubs since the 1970s. 

The icing on the weekend cake is the chance to hear Hans Olsson as speaker and compere, and the opportunity to meet and ski with some of Sweden's skiing stars.

What's new for 2020?

  • Two competition arenas – Björnrike and Klövsjö – with Björnrike becoming the main arena
  • A competition arena as similar to a World Cup competition as possible
  • TV production live-streamed on site
  • Sponsors with activities in the target area
  • Skid- och produkttest
  • Try Ski Cross
  • Everyone on the course – try downhill racing with the Swedish Skiing Federation

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