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8 Mar 2025

Hemsedal Up N' Down

Welcome to Hemsedal Up N' Down! - A lift-based ski event that takes place in Hemsedal Ski Center with the finish line at SkiStarshop and Skistua. On Saturday, March 8, 2025, Up N' Down will be organized for the tenth time.

Accommodation during Hemsedal Up N' Down

Scandinavia's toughest ski race

Hemsedal Up N' Down is a team competition where you join 1-3 people and participate in either the women's, men's or mixed class as well as the hyggeklassen.

Registration for Hemsedal Up N' Down 2025

Registration opens on October 15 at 09.00.

How does it work?

The average time of all team members is the final time, and the top three fastest teams in each class are the winners.

In the hyggeklasse, you can go alone or with one or two friends and it's not important what time and where you go, it's important that you have a great experience.


There are prizes for the three teams with the fastest finishing time per class. These teams share the prize pool.

There will be several exciting raffle prizes worth a lot of money where all participants have an equal chance of winning.

This is an event suitable for most skill levels, but please note that you are responsible for being fit enough to participate.

For more detailed information about the event


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