9 Mar - 12 Mar 2023

Hemsedal Up N' Down

Welcome to Hemsedal Up N' Down - a lift-based ski event taking place at Hemsedal Ski Centre with the finish line at Fýri Hotel. Hemsedal Up N' Down is a team competition where 2-3 people take part in the women's, men's or mixed class.

Lodging during Hemsedal Up N' Down

You choose whether you want to participate in Alpine skiing, snowboard or Telemark skiing. The average time for all participants in the team will be final, and the three fastest teams in each class will be the winner and share the prize pot. In addition, there will be up to several great prizes worth x-thousand kroner, which every participant has an equal chance of winning. Timekeeping is between the lifts, i.e. only when you are skiing.

The first one starts at the top of the Roni lift and goes down to the Tinden lift. The second route is from the top of Tinden down to the Tinden lift. The third run is from the top of Tinden and leads to the Totten 2 lift. The last leg is from the top of Totten 2 and down to the finish line at the Fýri hotel. There is no timing on the lifts. This is an event suitable for most skill levels, but bear in mind that you are responsible for being good enough to participate.

For more detailed information about the event, see the regulations and other information on the page.

Registration and more information about the competition can be found at hemsedalupndown.com.