150 days of skiing

SkiStar's Scandinavian ski destinations are located in northern Scandinavia, where the conditions are perfect for a long winter season with lots of snow and skiing.

Our season often starts as early as the end of November, when you can enjoy powder skiing on floodlit slopes, and ends at the beginning of May, when the spring sun shines brightly and it may be warm enough to ski in just a T-shirt.


SkiStar´s  unique Snow Guarantee

SkiStar's resorts often get fully booked early on, but can you really trust the snow to be there all winter long? 

You absolutely can! Our Swedish and Norwegian ski destinations of Sälen, Åre, Vemdalen, Trysil and Hemsedal are located in a variety of locations with differing weather conditions. To be able to offer high quality skiing in our resorts throughout the winter season, we supplement the natural snow on our slopes with snow from snow cannons. To make 100% sure that your skiing holiday is a success, SkiStar also offers a unique Snow Guarantee. 


The snow conditions often vary between our Scandinavian skiing destinations and so our Snow Guarantee offers you the opportunity to re-book your skiing holiday to one of our other Scandinavian skiing destinations where the snow is better if the destination where you originally booked does not live up to the Snow Guarantee. 

The Snow Guarantee applies at all our Scandinavian ski resorts throughout the winter season and gives you the opportunity to re-book your trip or get your money back if we can’t deliver the ski product we've promised. 

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