Skiing activites

We offer everything from private ski guides to the "little Vasalopp”. If you have any questions about our skiing activities, you're always welcome to contact us by email or phone.

Skiing contests
Getting the group together for a skiing contest of some kind is always a fun feature at a ski conference. Compete in a parallel slalom, a time-difference slalom (two runs in as similar a time as possible) or maybe a speed-skiing contest. We build a nice meeting place at the finish where you can enjoy music, food and drinks.

Ski testing
Are you eager to try different models of skis? We can put together ski testing just for you, where you get to try out different models of skis and get tips from dedicated instructors. It goes without saying that there'll be some good food and drinks served alongside the testing.

Early morning skiing
The perfectly groomed slopes everyone dreams of! 
Kick start your conference with 1-2 hours of skiing before everyone else. No queuing for the lifts, no-one else there, just you and the freshly-groomed pistes. Following that, a big breakfast will go down superbly well before you start your conference. Quite simply a great way to start your conference day!

Ski guide/instructor
There are many different reasons to hire a ski guide/instructor. First time on the slopes, fancy off-piste, maybe it's time to try something new like snowboarding or Telemark? Or maybe it's your first time at the resort and you want to find the best slopes quickly and easily!

A fast-paced competition that everyone can participate in! 
We build a little biathlon arena for your group with instructors and all the equipment you need. The competition takes the form of a relay, while at the shooting gallery participants must hit the target to avoid a penalty round. A speaker will guide you through the entire event and lots of laughter is guaranteed! 

Suitable for groups from 20 to 300 people.

Little Vasaloppet
Experience the world's most iconic cross-country race, Vasaloppet, in miniature form. The course measures 6 km and halfway through the race you reach "Evertsberg", where you will be offered traditional Swedish blueberry soup to help you manage your fluid intake. Just before the finish, a kranskulla or wreath maiden will meet the winner to hang a victory wreath around his/her neck.