Adventures & experiences

We offer everything from pulse escalating car driving on ice to serene ice fishing. If you have any questions about our activities, you're always welcome to contact us.


Snowmobile safari
Snowmobiling is possibly *the* classic winter activity. A snowmobile ride in the mountains is an experience that suits most people. Experience the mountains in a fast-paced and fun way! The route encompasses varied terrain and the guides tailor the experience to the group. Combining a mountain ride with lunch or dinner in a mountain hut is one of our most popular events. 

Dog sledding
A genuine classic for everyone. Dog sledding is faster-paced than many people think. Before the adventure on the mountain begins, we go through driving techniques and how everything works. During the tour, we stop for a coffee & cake break or for lunch. Dog sledding tours can be combined with other activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing or a breathtaking helicopter ride above the tree line.

Ice fishing
The activity for a relaxing morning. If you fancy mixing in a little adventure, go snowmobiling or dog sledding to the lake. Why not combine your ice fishing day with a good lunch prepared outdoors?

Ice driving
Really great fun and good training for all you car drivers. We have a wide range of ice driving experiences. We offer everything from driver training to 4-wheel drive rally cars approaching 300 horsepower. Please contact us for more information.

Shooting activity
Bow & arrow, clay pigeon shooting, pistol or hunting weapons. Loud and great fun. Put together a triathlon or pentathlon. All shooting is done safely on the shooting range.

Tour the mountain in snowshoes or cross-country skis
A perfect break in your conference day. See other parts of the mountain or get tips that will improve your skiing technique. Snowshoe-walking is an old means of transport in new packaging. Snowshoes will not only make it easier to walk on loose snow but they also give you better grip and help going uphill.