Theme activities

We offer challenging and developing team activities for small and large groups. If you have any questions about our activities, you're always welcome to contact us by email or phone.

Teambuilding with the mountains as your playing field. The aim is to get to as many places as possible and solve the tasks that cross your path. To help, you have the GPSs, showing the different locations. Sometimes the shortest distance is not the fastest ... This activity can take place anywhere outdoors.
Why not combine this with the Ready, steady, cook! activity?

Ready, steady, cook!
A cooking activity in a mountain setting. All food is prepared over an open fire or in large wok pans. The ingredients are purchased prior to the activity through an auction, where we get to evaluate which ingredients are most important for a good meal using fictional currency. We recommend holding the Geo-Challenge activity where the object for the participating groups is to locate as much money as possible before Ready, steady, cook! This will ratchet up the excitement levels!

Once the groups have cooked their food, a jury will try the various dishes and, of course, there will be a prize for the winning team!

A classic conference activity, but just as much fun every time! We compete against each other in teams in a series of challenging tasks. The aim is to collaborate in groups on challenges that we don't generally encounter in everyday life. Choose yourselves at what level you want to take on this activity.

If you want to go further, we recommend enlisting a lecturer, who will discuss how a group is composed and how to get an understanding of our different roles.


Mountain Mission
We traverse a stunning winter mountain on snowshoes or skis to reach today's target. Our paths will cross at various points, where we will battle each other in teams.

These challenge locations are designed to suit everyone, and the tour takes place on medium to easy terrain. The halfway point is a suitable place for a break for lunch, eaten out in the great outdoors.
An activity that is always tailored to your group's theme, time and objectives in doing the activity.


Build a Bob
In this activity, participants must plan, build and test a bobsleigh, as well as producing their own design.

We'll be indoors while the bobsleigh is built, before heading out onto the slopes when it's finished, where there'll be a competition against the other teams. Will it hold up? Is it fast enough? Well, now's the time to prove it! This activity requires good collaboration and is a good starting point for participants to be able to work on communication, feedback and problem solving.

An alternative to Build a Bob is Build a Boat (summer season).