Åre Airport Transfer is available between mid December  – 1 May.

From Trondheim/Værnes to Åre
at 13:15
at 17:30
Travel time to Åre is approx. 2.5 hours  
From Åre (station) to Trondheim/Værnes
at 09:00
at 13:30
Note – pick-up times from more stops can be found on Flygtaxi website.
With reservation for changes  

For other arrivals and departures, there is the alternative 'Own Taxi' – read more on link below.

Price example for pre-booking of airport transfer:
Åre Airport Transfer by taxi, minibus or bus between Trondheim airport (Værnes) to Åre region: 
SEK 390 one way and half price for children up to and including 11 years.*
*On the condition that safety requirements are met for travelling without a specific child car seat, and that they can ride a bus with a lap belt and a taxi with a booster seat, or travel with their own infant seat that can be attached to the vehicle's regular safety belt. If a booster seat is needed, this should be stated at the time of booking. For travel that requires a child car seat, refer to booking of 'Own taxi airport transfer'.

Åre Airport Transfer stops in Åredalen
Åre Björnen  (reception)
Preem Björnänge (Karolinen)
Åre Station
Åre Fjällby/Brunkulla (by SkiStarshop) 
Tegefjäll (reception)
Duved, Renen 

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