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Track fees 2017/18
1 day   75 sek
Week (6-8 days) 295 sek
Season pass 615 sek
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* Season pass for cross country skiing is included for holders of season ski pass in the lifts. Children up to 17 years ski for free in our cross-country trails.

Day pass is also available at:
Skidcenter in Åre Björnen
Fjällsport in Duved

You can also buy day card through our ticket machines at the track centers at Åre Björnen & Duved.

A one off charge of 45 SEK is added for the actual plastic card Skipasskort. The card can be recharged and usually lasts for several seasons given normal wear and tear. The card contains a chip, so don’t perforate it.

All around Åreskutan and Mullfjället there is a large variety of great cross-marked ski trails for rejoicing once the spring sun arrives. Here below we have gathered a few suggestions.
The cross marked trails are free. The following tours are no map, but a guide to the different turområdena. Are you going up the mountain recommended Fjällkartan no. Z5I Åre.

Excursion trails Åre

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Distance: 12 km
From Duved centre (400 metres above sea level) or the track centre up to Forsa Fäbodar. Thereafter struggling uphill through the highland birch-tree forest and then onto the bare mountain; the shelter at Forsaskalet is situated at 870 metres above sea level. Thereafter, onwards through the pass, out across the snowscapes and slightly downhill to Ullådalen’s track centre at 730 metres above sea level. From this point there are ski touring trails leading to Huså, Björnen, Åre, Lillåstugan, Tegefjäll and Duved. In Ullådalen are ski lifts, parking areas, and a restaurant and café.

Distance: 14 km
A great highland tour which starts with a lift ride in Duved’s chairlift.
From the top of the lift, ski northbound to the summit of Mullfjället (with a shelter at 1030 metres above sea level). Onwards in a valley to the shelter at Forsaskalet and then westbound towards Forsa Fäbodar. From here straight south down to Duved. The trail mostly leads in bare mountain terrain from the unloading station of the chairlift to Forsa Fäbod. The section leading towards Duved offers pleasant downhill skiing in terrain with more and more forests.

Distance: 11 km
A shorter version of Circling Mullfjället. Bare mountain terrain from the unloading station of the chairlift, past the summit of Mullfjället, the Forsaskalet pass and eastbound across rolling snowscapes to Ullådalen’s track centre. The ski bus departs from Rödkullen.
The track and trail centre is situated below the parking area near Ullådalsliften, at 730 metres above sea level.

Distance: 2 km
The waffles café is open periodically during the winter and this is a very popular two-kilometre ramble from the Ullådalen track centre. Ski across the River Ullån and then slightly uphill through the forest and across sparse pine heaths to the red chalet. Return on the same track.

Distance: 2 km
From the Ullådalen parking area towards Tväråvalvet. At the loading station of Stendalsliften at 850 metres above sea level there is in the winter spring a tipi serving coffees, pastries and reindeer sausage. Here is also a ski lift and trails leading further into Tväråvalvet.

Distance: 26 km
Six kilometres across varying open bogs and through sparse highland birch-tree forests, thereafter one km across the bare mountain. Onwards the trail leads slightly downhill three km past Bjelkes Gruva, with a shelter. From here on you will mainly ski across highland heaths, for six km with the highest point at 900 metres above sea level, below the harshest steep slopes of Mount Åreskutan. From here you will find mainly gentle downhill runs through the highland birch-tree and spur forests around Mount Totthummeln before running down to central Åre (a steep and challenging section).
An alternative is to ski down to Björnen and then return by ski bus to Åre.

The tour Ullådalen - Mullfjället - Duved is described under Duved.


Training tracks in Åre area

The longer tracks in Duved are generally slightly more hilly than those in Åre Björnen. There are many opportunities to create your own variations and combinations of loops. You can start your ski trip or training session from the parking between Renen and Föreningshuset, or from the track centre 300 metres west of Hamreliften. You can start via connecting tracks and trails from Millestgården mountain guest house, and from Back's and Pålle's cabin villages in the far west of Duved.
Lit every day 7 am - 10 pm.
Prepared every day 5 am - 9 am.
Technique training/sprint track
A 400-metre-long track with curves, jumps and short but steep slopes. It is located 200 metres from the track centre (Hamrelia).

Ullådalen is the starting point for many ski trails marked with a cross, but also has two loops that are prepared. You reach the Ullådalen area by road to Ullådal cabin or by ski lift from Tegefjäll which takes you right up to 800 metres above sea level, from where you then ski down to the cross-country tracks. There is also a ski bus from Duved and Åre to Rödkullen, which is connected to Ullådalen. It is approx. 1.5 km to the Ullådalen track centre from the ski bus in Rödkullen.

Snow-safe cross-country skiing in sheltered forest terrain. The parking is just after Årebjörnen Skidcenter, where the tracks also start. It is also possible to combine parts of the loops to vary the skiing and create your own variation.
Lit every day 7 am - 10 pm.
Prepared every day 5 am - 9 am.